Finishing Teak Coasters

Teak is a hard, oily tropical wood that really doesn’t need any sealants or oils to protect it, but I wanted my wood coasters to have a little more shine and protection. Choosing your finish When sanded and left bare, teak will form a gray…


Coffee Table, Coffee Stain.

Espresso, Coffee or Kopi?  I recently acquired a set of used kitchen cabinets for a great price (read: free) and decided to make one into a kitchen island. We had previously been using an IKEA computer desk but it was a little too low and…


Kopi Bag Holder

How do you get a suntan in Singapore? Besides the obvious answer of going out into the brutal tropical sun, there is an easier way albeit slightly more expensive. All it takes is a $300 arc welder, some electrodes and a piece of scrap steel…


Homemade Kimchee

Baby steps… What do three Koreans and a Dutch/Taiwanese have in common? – none of us have the first clue about making kimchee! I was invited over the holidays to help make a batch of kimchee with a colleague of my wife’s and his wife….


3D Printing spectacle parts

I decided to jump into 3D printing after seeing all the possibilities at the 3D Printing Expo, and what better way to do it than to fix something? Both decorative metal pieces of my eyeglass frames had fallen out, and while I was able to epoxy…


Unbricking* the UE Boom

/brɪk/ noun 1. When a device has become unresponsive during a software update, rendering it useless, so it might as well be a paperweight, or a brick. verb 1. To corrupt the firmware or severely mis-configure a device so that it no longer functions. Unfortunately,…

the repair kopitiam gang

Repair Kopitiam @ Blk 425

With the support of South-West Community Development Council and National Environment Agency, Repair Kopitiam is run as a community repair meetup, whereby people come down to a designated space to repair simple items such as broken irons, torn clothes and wobbly chairs, guided by our…

Tube 1

Recycled Tube Light – ReLight!

The idea for this design comes from the Recycled Tube Light by Castor Designs. When I checked on their website a few years back, they didn’t offer an online store, but a quick search through the internets provided a few prices ranging from $2,200~2,600. Since…


3D Printing Expo

I have had limited experience with 3D printing (although that is going to change when I print my own eyeglass frame parts!) and while I am familiar with the concept and the mechanics, I was under the impression that the resolution of printed parts was…


Custom Letter Bookshelves

I first noticed this bookshelf around mid-2011, but never really thought about it until we moved houses. Our newer 1BR apartment was spacious, but lacking storage; especially as I had accumulated over 300 books! I searched the internet for the original creator and found that they…